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Are you drinking real tea or dust?

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Are you drinking dust? You may be.

Traditional paper tea bags popular with tea-sippers everywhere contain fragments of tea leaves referred to as “fannings” or “dust tea”. Even though these tea bags contain low-quality tea, they’re often preferred for their convenience and quick brewing time.

Read through many blogs about tea, and you’re sure to see tea purists saying loose leaf is the way to go when it comes to drinking tea. While this is true, there are a few more things they often leave out.

1)   Traditional tea bags are bad. And drinking low-quality tea is even worse.

2)   Many people stay away from loose-leaf teas because it is often more complicated to brew.

So what now? Nobody wants to drink dust, but not everyone has the time necessary to brew loose leaves, or the experience needed to brew them properly.

Here’s the good news: Our high-quality whole leaves are packed into easy-to-brew, biodegradable sachets. Thanks to these large sachets, whole tea leaves are allowed to unfurl slowly, ensuring a perfect, dust-free brew each and every time.

All of the taste. All of the benefits. None of the hassle. 


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