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The Power of Tea

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  For nearly 5,000 years a simple drink called tea has brought strangers together, been the center of religious ceremonies and rituals, provided healing and restoration to weakened bodies, and—in the case of our own young country—been the spark that flamed a revolution. But as people from every culture, race, and region of the world know, tea isn’t just meant for the big moments, it’s meant for every moment. Whether the day is just beginning or it’s finally winding down, two things are certain: it’s always the right time for tea, and there’s a right tea for every moment.

  The most critical thing to consider when choosing the right tea for the right time is the benefits that various teas provide. At Bare Tea, we offer three teas that are perfect for adding to your morning routine and three teas ideal for relaxing and taking time to reflect at the end of your day.

  Each of our three morning teas—Organic English Breakfast, Organic Japanese Sencha, and Organic Yunnan Gold—contain the caffeine so many people crave in the morning, but since caffeine levels are lower than those found in coffee there isn’t the jittery rush or post-caffeine crash” many people encounter several hours into their workday. A get-up-and-go energy boost isn’t the only benefit found in our favorite morning teas, though. People who drink one to two cups of black tea a day are also 70% less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, are at a decreased risk of arthritis, and are 21% less likely to have a stroke or heart disease than their java-sipping colleagues. That’s reason enough to be in a better mood at the office on Monday mornings.

  Like our morning teas, our collection of afternoon teas offers some big-time benefits too! Organic Masala Chai, Organic Jasmine, and Organic Green Apple are each an important ingredient in letting go of stress and detoxing your day. At Bare Tea, we believe life is lived best when it’s lived simply, and taking a few minutes to sit and sip a cup of one of these every evening gives us the perfect excuse to reflect on the day, read a chapter of the book we’ve sworn we’d finish, or just take a moment to be thankful for all we have. Add in the boost that these teas give to your immune system, improved digestive tract health, and cancer-preventing properties, and it’s not too tough to find things to be thankful for with every sip.

  Best of all? Whether you’re taking control of your morning with our English Breakfast, Japanese Sencha, or Yunnan Gold, or detoxing your day with Jasmine, Masala Chai, or Green Apple, you’re doing something that’s sure to make every moment a little bit better, and a little bit simpler.


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