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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ― Confucius

Processed food. Smartphones. Streaming video. It’s funny how the products we’ve invented to speed things up have removed the ability for most of us to slow down at all. But Confucius was right; life doesn’t have to be so complicated.

At the Bare Tea, a core value of ours is to live simply – to get rid of clutter and things that aren’t natural, and create the space to appreciate every moment for what it is. It’s in the spirit of simple living that we’d like to share three easy ways to make sure you’re living an uncomplicated life.

1)   Put the right ingredients into your body

Processed food and fast food may seem cheaper and easier at first, but there’s nothing easy about the impact an improper diet has on your body. Limiting the amount of fast food and processed food you eat reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Don’t just pay attention to the ingredients, pay attention to the way it was grown and prepared, too. We take pride in using only organic, whole tea leaves in our products. Even the sachets used for steeping our tea are biodegradable.

2)   Spend one morning a month simplifying your space.

It’s staggering how fast we accumulate things. First, get rid of things you don’t use regularly. Then organize the rest. Whether you’re going through your closet or your inbox, getting rid of the excess makes dealing with what you have much simpler. Cutting down on clutter also reduces time spent cleaning, and that’s always a good thing.

3)   Taking time to reflect.

Did you know tea has been an important part of meditative rituals around the world for thousands of years? In some cultures “tea time” is as much a part of daily life as dinner is. Try taking ten minutes a day to just sit still and reflect. Think about the things you need to do or have done, about the relationships that matter most, and about the decisions you’ve made during the day. One of the best things about living simply is it makes identifying goals much easier, and reflecting on your day reveals whether the choices made lead toward accomplishing your goal or are getting in the way. We’ve found sitting in silence with a warm pot of Organic Masala Chai provides the perfect atmosphere to reflect.

What’s one thing you could do to simplify your life today?


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