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Bye-bye tea dust. Hello whole leaf.

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Finally. A moment just for you. The water’s boiled. You’ve got your favorite cup. Just add tea. Right? Think twice before you just drop in any bag of tea to steep; you may not be drinking exactly what you think!

Take a look at that teabag. Many “traditional” teabags have been processed in a factory and made ready for mass consumption. How can you tell? Simple. See the small, broken leaves within the bag? Compare it to one of the Bare Tea’s organic whole leaf sachets. It’s easy to see the difference. Broken bits of leaves in one, tightly rolled whole leaves in the other. But why does it matter? That’s even simpler. Our whole-leaf sachets deliver three things.

Better Flavor

Whole leaves are handpicked in season and allowed to properly cure instead of being rushed to process. When the tealeaves are steeping, they’re allowed to unfurl naturally and impart their full flavor. Unlike other teabags, whole leaf sachets may also be brewed multiple times before losing flavor.

A Simpler Experience

Stripped and processed tealeaves lose many of the health benefits found in whole leaves. During processing, many of the essential oils and natural benefits contained in the leaves are stripped. Lower quality teabags often contain fannings or “tea dust”, too. We believe the simplest processes create the best experiences. That’s why each of our organic tealeaves are handpicked and served whole. It’s the way we enjoy them… free from fannings, natural, and full of flavor.

Increased Health

The benefits of whole leaf sachets don’t end with flavor and experience, though. With whole leaf sachets, the greater surface area of steeping leaves allows more of the nutrients to be absorbed into the water and body. Drinking tea made using whole leaves can help lose weight, boost your immune system, and even give you younger looking skin.

What are you steeping? Handpicked whole leaves or a processed product? If there’s a tea drinker in your life, share the benefits of Bare Tea sachets.

Bye-bye tea dust. Hello whole leaf.


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