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What's in your cup?

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  In many countries, tea is served with sweet and savory snacks. In America, it’s often served with a heaping side of pesticides, toxins, and GMOs. Not the kind you buy? Unless it’s certified organic, it is.

  Many companies spray pesticides and other harmful chemicals on tea leaves before harvest to ensure a “healthy” crop and increase profitability. Independent studies have shown that some of the most popular brands of tea in America still contain cancer-causing pesticides and other toxins proven to increase the risk of birth defects, Parkinson’s disease, and common respiratory disorders when they’re consumed. Sound like what you want steeping in your favorite cup?

  Maybe some of the high-end, loose-leaf brands fared better? Nope. One brands most popular teas—Monkey Picked Oolong—contained 23 different pesticides. In fact, 77% of their teas do not meet European Union import standards and are not allowed in the country. If there’s one thing we know about the Brits, it’s that they take their tea very seriously.

  So how do keep the chemicals out of your cup? Simple. Make sure that every tea you drink is certified organic. At Bare Tea, each of the teas we offer are certified organic and have been grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Switching to organic-only tea isn’t just for your health, either; it’s for the health of Mother Earth!

  Organic Tea farming is much better for the environment than conventional tea farming. When cultivating organic tea, farmers rely on the natural breakdown of organic matter instead of using artificial fertilizers that bleed into the soil and pollute our rivers. It’s better for wildlife, too. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides don’t just get rid of pests, they often kill wildlife farmers never intended to harm. In one three-year period, 10 leopards and several elephants died from exposure to pesticides found on one tea farm in West Bengal. Imagine what they could do to you.

It’s a shame that one of history’s healthiest beverages has become so contaminated in the name of profit. But ours never will be.

Simple. Organic. Bare. Everything that tea should be.

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